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The Goal of Yoga

The yoga pose is not the goal. Becoming flexible is not the goal. Standing on your hands is not the goal. 

The goal is to create space where you were once stuck. To unveil the layers of protection you’ve built around your heart. To appreciate your body and become aware of the mind and the noise it creates.

To make peace with who YOU really are. The goal is to love, well…YOU. Come to your yoga mat to feel; not to accomplish.

Shift your focus and your heart will grow.

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What is Yoga?

Yoga Somatics


The term is used in movement therapy to signify approaches based on the soma or "the body as perceived from within". In our sessions, I emphasize the internal observations to enhance mental and physical well being.



I specialize in kinestetchic awareness to repair various injuries based on structural imbalance, soft tissue, and movement variation. Working together, we can reduce inflammation and pain in the body.

Thai Yoga Therapy

Thai Yoga Therapy

Consider this lazy mans yoga. As your practitioner, I take you through passive yoga stretches to increase mobility and reduce tension and stress in the body. There is also a great deal of trigger point work to reduce inflammation and increase circulation and flow in the tissue. Lastly, Thai therapy will work with myofascial release, therefore addressing movement imbalance in the body.

Learn techniques to self regulate & create more inner awareness

A Yoga practice lets you reflect and decide if what you’re doing you want to continue to repeat. Sometimes habitual thoughts/patterns of behaviour have been there so long that they simply  feel safe even though they may be a distraction from  your own personal well being. Yoga practice teaches resilience

The element of a person that enables them to be aware of the world and their experiences, to think, and to feel; the faculty of consciousness and thought.


Having better integrated awareness of our bodies means we have the ability to increase energy and accomplish more balance in our lives.


The true essence of self. Beyond perceived persona or external packaging. The part of ourselves that we long to connect to. 

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Private Yoga Therapy

$ 90 Per Hour
  • Individual Class
  • Personalized Instruction
  • 1 Hour Class

Couples yoga therapy

$ 95 Per Hour
  • Couples Class
  • Personalized Instruction
  • 1 Hour Class

Thai Yoga Therapy

$ 100 Per Session
  • Personalized Technique
  • 90 Minutes Session
  • Package Pricing Available